carpet cleaning mn
They will need to be replaced sooner

Carpet fibers will deteriorate quicker as dirt and other debris builds up. Even if you vacuum frequently and don’t wear shoes in the house, dirt and debris can build up and become a problem for your carpet. While shampooing can remove them, if you don’t shampoo your carpets often, they will grow more and more until you need to replace your carpet.

You could get sick

Your home’s air quality will be affected by any bacteria or debris found in carpet fibers. Carpets can worsen asthma symptoms if you have allergies or are asthmatic. While shampooing carpets will kill bacteria and improve the air quality, neglecting to clean your carpets could lead to your family becoming sicker.

Your Home may be a disaster

It is possible for urine or feces to be tracked through your home by pets. Your carpets can become soiled if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Even if your pets are not present, there is still the possibility of dirt and other debris building up in your home. No matter how frequently you vacuum your carpets or how fast you clean up spills, many odors will remain deep in your carpets.

Your Carpets may look worse

Even if there are no spills or stains, bacteria and dirt can cause carpet to become discolored. Although you may not notice it immediately, shampooing will reveal the extent of the damage.

Your carpets will eventually look tired and worn out from normal wear and tear. Shampoo can help to repair the damage and bring your carpets back into shape at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Why should I shampoo my carpets regularly?

Although you can do a lot for your carpets and keep dirt out of your home, it will not be as effective as a professional shampoo.

Shampooing carpets does more than keep them clean. Carpets must be maintained and cared for otherwise they will deteriorate faster. Although it may not seem like an issue right now, this will become a problem when your carpets start to deteriorate faster than you anticipated.

It is expensive and time-consuming to replace your carpets. Regular shampooing can prolong the life of your carpet and prevent it from being replaced.


You put your health and carpet’s lifespan at risk by not shampooing them. It’s easy to shampoo your carpet when you hire professionals like Long & Son.  We serve Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas.