carpet cleaners MNYou can remove allergens from your home by cleaning dirty carpets. You can return home with clean carpets and an allergen-free home.

Here are some reasons carpet cleanings can be beneficial during allergy season.

Removes Allergens

Allergens will always find their way into your home, despite your best efforts. Carpets are a prime example of allergens that can easily find their way into fibers and end up in a new place.

Dander, dust mites and mold are all common allergens that can hide in carpets. These allergens can be spread through your home by pets or children, even if you don’t know about it.

While vacuuming your carpets regularly will remove dirt and dust from the surface, it won’t be enough to get rid of the allergens that are deep within your carpet fibers. To remove them, you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner. Your carpets will be clean after one cleaning.

Air Quality Improvement

Your home’s air quality will be greatly improved if there are no allergens in the carpets.Your home will be free from allergens and dust that circulate through the air. Instead, you’ll have clean, fresh air that helps reduce allergy symptoms.

You may not be aware that your carpets can harbor allergens, irritants, or bacteria. Although you might vacuum your home and use an air filter, it won’t improve your home’s air quality. Professional cleaning will make your home cleaner and you’ll see an immediate improvement in the air quality as the irritants are eliminated.

Reduces mold and bacteria

Carpets that are contaminated by bacteria or mold could be found in homes with pets and children.Carpets can become unhealthy if moisture gets trapped between carpet fibers.

Carpet can hide a lot, including bacteria and mold. Carpet cleaning is the only way to eliminate them.Our professional carpet cleaning team will use high-powered industrial equipment and strong solutions to kill any mold spores or bacteria hidden deep in your carpet. This will allow you to live healthier and have fewer allergies.


Everyone is affected by allergy season. Many seasonal allergies can be made worse by allergens in your carpets. You can reduce your allergy symptoms by hiring a professional carpet cleaner like Long & Son. We can help you make your indoor air cleaner and more allergen-free. Call us today!  We serve Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas.