carpet cleaning mnThey will need to be replaced sooner

If your carpets are not cleaned regularly, they will wear down faster and eventually fall apart. You may believe that cleaning your carpets will protect them from chemicals and tools that can cause glue to deteriorate. This is false. Regularly cleaning your carpets will ensure that they are strong enough to withstand wear and tear for many years.

They can make you sick

Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned can often be full of bacteria, dirt, and dust. Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned can cause asthma attacks or allergic reactions in people who live with them. Your skin could become irritated by the bacteria in your carpet fibers.

Dirty carpets can cause a host of health problems, including allergies and skin diseases. These issues can be prevented by simply cleaning your carpets every year.

Your Home may be a disaster

Hidden dirt and bacteria can mask their smell. Your house will smell as it builds up in carpet fibers. Pets may track the waste around your house.Your carpets could still retain the odor, even if you clean them.

Hidden odors can cause your home to smell if you don’t get them professionally cleaned. Although you may be able to mask the smell with an air freshener, it will eventually stop working and your carpets will need to be cleaned.

Carpets will stain

Carpets that are old and dirty will retain stains and begin to lose their original colors. Even if you remove stains immediately, they will continue to affect your carpets. Soon you’ll notice a duller color.

Your carpets will look just like new after a professional cleaning. After the professional cleaning, you will be able to see how old, worn, and dirty your carpets are.

Your home will lose its appeal

Your interior decor can be made or broken by your carpets. Your guests will notice if you have beautiful decor, but dirty carpets.

Clean carpets will keep them clean and make your home look nice for guests. Routine cleaning is a great way to keep your home clean before family events.


Many people believe that it is okay to not clean their carpets. It is important to realize that carpet cleaning can have serious consequences. Neglecting carpets will not last as long, and they can pose health risks. Call Long & Son today to learn more about deep-clean carpet cleaning in Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas and get clean carpets.