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Is it time to refresh your upholstered furniture?

If you have visible pet stains, spots, grease or ink stains, or if you have stains from spills of food or drink that you just can’t seem to get out on your own, Long & Son Carpet Cleaning can solve your issues with same day service.

Beyond these more obvious blemishes, sofas, chairs, other upholstered furniture collect dust, dirt and if you have pets, dander over time. All of these combine to damage your furniture over time. Its a good idea to clean upholstery every six months or so to remove household allergens and extend the life of your furniture.

Even though you may not see the dust and dirt on your furniture, these soils are there and often result in bacteria and germs if not removed periodically. Eventually, upholstery is not cleaned your furniture may develop a foul smell.

Need to refresh your Area and Oriental Rugs? We offer rug cleaning service too!

Our mission is to leave your home feeling rejuvenated, fresh and clean!

Have pet stains and odors?

We specialize in pet stain and odor removal!

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