Tile & Grout cleaning helps keep your tiled spaces clean, safe and sanitized.

Long and Son Tile & Grout Cleaning uses top of the line truck mounted equipment with a variety of tools to thoroughly clean tile and grout. Our professional tile cleaning job includes edge-to-edge floor cleaning as well as wall and backsplash cleaning and renewal.

Long and Son cleans and sanitizes all manner of commercial spaces including: offices, restrooms, foyers, patios, showers and more.

We use a powerful truck mounted, high-grade machines to cut through even the hardest stains and grime . Our counter rotating brush and edging machines scour deep cleaning and renewing it’s shine and will have you pleased with the refreshed results.

Our Commercial Tile Cleaning Method

1.) Pre-spray Areas With a Powerful Cleaning Solution

We apply a powerful cleaning agent that goes to work breaking down dirt, grease and grime immediately.

2.) Agitate and Deep Scrub the Tiled Surface

After the tile has been pre-sprayed, agitation helps the solution work better. We use a counter rotating brush machine as well as hand tools to scrub grout lines and depressions. This further loosens soils in preparation for rinsing and extracting.

3.) Hot, High Pressure Rinse, Neutralizing and Extraction

The surface preparation has now been completed. Next, we apply extremely hot water and another solution. This is sprayed at over 1,000 PSI to rinse and neutralize the tiled area.

This step blasts away the remaining soil, grime and crud. Our specialized equipment keeps the water contained. This keeps it from spraying everywhere. Then, the waste water is sucked back out to our truck using a strong vacuum. A deep cleaning is the result. Finally, the waste water is held in a waste tank until it can be properly disposed of.

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